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Landfill Services

Run Energy undertakes environmental management of landfills, including managing environmental compliance with respect to landfill gas, leachate, groundwater, air emissions and general site maintenance. We are specialists in operation and maintenance of landfill gas power generation and other energy recovery facilities.

Landfill Gas Collection System

  • Gas collection system design

  • Well drilling

  • Gas collection system installation

  • Gas pumping/flow testing trials

  • Maintenance

  • Monitoring

  • System balancing (flow/vacuum) for optimum gas recovery

  • Performance analysis and troubleshooting

Landfill Gas Resource Assessment

  • Landfill gas generation computer simulation modelling

  • Landfill gas recovery forecasting

Leachate Systems

  • Pump supply and rental

  • Pump installation

  • Pump maintenance

  • Leachate level monitoring

  • Leachate extraction, monitoring and control

  • Leachate treatment systems operation and maintenance

  • Leachate discharge sampling and control

Landfill Surface Emission Monitoring

  • Field monitoring implementation

  • GPS location and mapping of monitoring points

  • Remediation of capping, sumps and GCS protrusions

Landfill Off-Site Monitoring & Cleanup

  • Landfill gas monitoring bore installation

  • Landfill gas monitoring bore monitoring and reporting

  • Gas monitoring of buildings and structures

  • Landfill gas recovery and clean-up

  • Vacuum extraction

  • Interception

  • Venting

Landfill Gas Flare

  • Supply of a range of landfill gas flares

  • Flow rates from 40 to 3000 SCMH

  • Purchase and rental options

Landfill Gas Generator

  • Supply of a range of landfill gas fuelled generators

  • Capacities from 24 to 250 kW

  • Flow volume up to 150 SCMH landfill gas @ 50 % methane

  • Purchase and rental options

Sub-Surface Landfill Fire Control

  • Monitoring – shallow probes and thermocouples

  • Temperature profiling

  • 3D modelling

  • Surface sealing

  • Inert gas injection

  • Excavation

  • Ongoing monitoring

Groundwater Monitoring

  • Groundwater level monitoring/data logging

  • Groundwater sampling for analysis

Landfill Gas Energy Recovery

  • Energy recovery facilities: fuel gas supply-power generation-thermal energy supply

  • Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Equipment re-builds, overhauls and change-outs

  • Retrofits

  • Utility/grid operator interface coordination

  • Inspection, testing and condition assessment

Landfill Services Service
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