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The Run Energy quality management system is certified to ISO 9001

The Run Energy quality management system is certified to ISO9001 and includes:

  • Documented work instructions and procedures

  • Records of tasks performed

  • Training of personnel

  • Calibration and maintenance of tools and instruments

  • Supervision and monitoring

  • Internal and customer audits

A comprehensive record of tasks performed is maintained to provide a complete history and audit trail. Run Energy technicians use either customer systems (where this is required) or the Run Energy web based asset management and work order system.

Run Energy makes extensive use of web based information systems to make data and information readily accessible and transparent to customers. Technician training and tool calibration records are maintained in online databases. These can be accessed at any location via the internet to check and confirm that technicians on a job site have the necessary training for the tasks assigned and that the tools and instruments are properly calibrated.

Non-conformances are immediately reported and investigated. Corrective actions are implemented to address root causes of non-conformance events and prevent recurrence.

Audits, both planned and unannounced, are conducted to confirm that procedures are properly implemented and all work is performed in accordance with required standards.

The Run Energy quality management system provides customers with total transparency and encourages a collaborative approach to achieve constant improvement in service quality.

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