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Equipment Supply and Rental

Biogas Flare

Flare Features

  • Flow rates from 40 to 3000 SCMH

  • Combustion temperature up to 1000 degC

  • Methane destruction 99%+

  • Gas flow meter

  • Gas analyser

  • Portable package - quick site set-up

  • Fully automated control

  • Safety systems - alarms and shutdowns

  • Gas regulations compliant with certification

  • Remote monitoring, data logging and control

  • Suitable for greenhouse gas emissions abatement and trading

Remote Monitoring & Control

  • Web based monitoring, data logging, reporting and control

  • Data logging at 15 minute intervals - data automatically uploaded to run data management system

  • Flare operating data available to customer 24 x 7 from any location with internet connection

  • Provides complete log of flare operating parameters for operational and environmental management

Rental Service

  • Short-term/long-term rental options

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Power connection

  • Gas collection system connection

  • Full operations and maintenance service

  • Customer training for customer operated facilities

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