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Engine Services

Our technicians have experience with most of the leading gas and diesel engine types, from kW to multi MW capacity. We have experience across a broad range of fuels, including natural gas, diesel and fuel oil. We are specialists in gas engines utilizing alternative and low quality gas fuels, including landfill gas, biogas and coal seam methane.

Scheduled Servicing and Maintenance

  • Condition monitoring, component inspection and routine service implementation

  • Cylinder head valve - recession data logging, analysis and overhaul interval forecast

  • Lubricant management – sampling, analysis and data interpretation

  • Cylinder deposit removal

  • Overhaul and change-out

  • Control systems set-up and adjustment

  • Engine tuning - fuel efficiency, stability, exhaust emissions

  • Parts and consumables inventory management - critical spares identification

  • HV and LV systems condition monitoring

  • Fuel systems maintenance

Unscheduled Maintenance

  • Break-down repairs

  • Failure analysis and preventative action

  • Troubleshooting and fault finding

Installation, Commissioning and Retrofits

  • New and refurbished equipment

  • Long term storage of engines and components

Inspection, Testing and Condition Assessment

  • Combustion chamber/cylinder inspection- borescope

  • Cylinder deposit analysis

  • Crankcase ventilation flow - blow-by

  • Fuel gas analysis for siloxanes and corrosive components

  • Generator insulation monitoring - megger testing

Technical and Operational Review

  • Due diligence investigations and reports

  • Life cycle cost analysis

  • Maintenance schedule set-up - manufacturers' recommendations vs operational experience - overhaul interval forecasts

Equipment and Components - Biogas Applications

  • Extended life cylinder head valves and seats

  • Crankcase ventilation systems

  • Air/Fuel ratio and engine load control systems

  • Ignition system components

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